My love of flowers started at an early age when I followed my Grandmother from flower to flower as she pointed them out.  English was her second language and she did not speak fluently but I managed to absorb the names anyway.  From the lovely blue bachelor buttons that reseeded themselves every year, to the gorgeous mounds of pink, white and burgundy peonies, we spoke a common language.  

As I got older, I kept doing chores for Grandmother.  I took over mowing the lawn from my Mother and Father and older brothers.  It gave me another reason to spend time learning.  

“Don’t mow over the chamomile.  It makes great tea. Chamomile is these little white flowers, right here.” 

“Let’s make a dirt border around the peonies so you don’t have to mow so close and knock them loose”.

“You can mow right over those lilac sprouts.  It will keep the bush in check.”


One of the delphiniums in my garden - a favorite of mine to use when pressing flowers.


At the Primavera Art show with one of my lampshades.

As I entered my teen years, I had less time to spend with Grandmother.  I still mowed her lawn, but hurried off so I could join my friends.  Yet even though I was not spending as much time, I still carried every lesson in my soul.

Now my love of flowers extends to taking the blossoms from my gardens, pressing them to preserve them, and placing them artistically into my hand-made paper products.  I have received several awards for my various creations.

If you are interested in purchasing one for a gift or for yourself, please send an email to me or give me a call.  I can custom design a treasure just for you.​